Investment / Savings Loan


The CedisPay Investment-Backed LoanMe is a secured short-term loan carefully designed to provide robust financial support without depleting your hard-earned savings. This product aims to alleviate the financial strain associated with significant expenses, ensuring that you can confidently pursue various financial goals. Whether you require financial assistance for education, business ventures, home or car repairs, or unforeseen emergencies, our Investment-Backed LoanMe offers a cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

  • Streamlined Process: Our strategic partnership with your investment/savings company simplifies the loan application process by verifying your stable employment and savings behavior.
  • Employer Verification: Your investment/savings company's confirmation of your Investment Activities and Savings Behavior, Transaction History, and Account Details enhances the credibility of your loan application
  • Customer Ease: With minimal documentation required, applying for an investment and savings loan is convenient and hassle-free

Financial Wellbeing Consideration

While the computation for loan eligibility does not explicitly consider insurance habits, we encourage and value responsible financial practices. Adopting budgeting and managing your finances responsibly contributes to your overall financial wellbeing

Credit Criteria

  • Minimum Credit Score: A minimum credit score of 60, reflecting a history of responsible borrowing
  • Investment and Savings Profile: A comprehensive evaluation encompassing investment types, savings amounts, and a meticulous risk assessment
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI): Not exceeding an 80% DTI to ensure sustainable loan repayment capacity.
  • Interest Rate: A minimum of 3%.

Eligible Loan Amount

  • Maximum Amount: GHS 20,000
  • Minimum Amount: Determined based on investment collateral or savings collateral, considering the income multiplier

Monthly Salary Multiplier

  • Short-Term Loans (3-6 Months Tenure): Monthly Salary Multiplier: 2.5x
  • Medium-Term Loans (6-12 Months Tenure): Monthly Salary Multiplier: 3.5x

Collateral Types

  • Investment Portfolio: Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and various other financial instruments
  • Savings Accounts: Fixed deposits, savings bonds, and secure savings vehicles

Custodian Considerations

  • Your collateral will be held with well-regarded financial institutions
  • Thorough verification of collateral ownership and valuation through meticulously documented procedures

Collateral Utilization

  • Investment Collateral: Up to 100% of the investment value.
  • Savings Collateral: Up to 150% of the savings amount, signifying enhanced financial stability and commitment

Application Process

  • Submission of Required Documents: Submit your Ghana Card (Valid Identification), Proof of Residence, and 3 months of bank and mobile money statements to CedisPay.
  • Investment/Savings MOU Documentation: CedisPay will liaise with your Investment/Savings company to obtain necessary documentation, including your Investment Activities and Savings Behavior, Transaction History, and Account Details
  • Loan Assessment: CedisPay will evaluate your eligibility based on the provided documents and your financial profile
  • Loan Approval: Upon approval, CedisPay will disburse funds to your designated account within 24 hours

Required Documentation

  • Valid Identification: Ghana Card or Passport.
  • Financial Records: 3 Months Bank Statements, 3 Months Mobile Money Statements
  • Investment/Savings MOU Documentation: CedisPay will liaise with your Investment/Savings company to obtain necessary documentation, including:
    • Investment Activities and Savings Behavior: To understand your commitment to financial planning and stability
    • Transaction History: To assess your financial engagement and consistency
    • Account Details: To gain insight into your investment/savings account tenure and activity frequency
    • Collateral Documentation: Relevant documentation for your chosen collateral type (e.g., investment portfolio or savings account) to support your loan application
    • Start date of the customer current employment
  • Address Verification: Utility Bill, Rental Agreement, Ghana Post Office System Address
  • 3 months payslip

Value Proposition of Simplicity and Convenience: Simplify Your Investment/Savings Loan Experience with CedisPay

At CedisPay, we are committed to providing a seamless and stress-free loan experience. Our streamlined approach prioritizes your comfort and convenience, offering the following key features:

  • Effortless Bill Management: Our advanced algorithm analyzes your financial behavior and payment consistency, eliminating the need for individual bill receipts and due dates
  • Personalized Payment Schedule: Our algorithm uses data from reliable sources such as your investment/savings company to determine your payment schedule, tailored to your unique financial situation.
  • No Additional Documentation Needed: We partner with your investment/savings company, eliminating the need for additional documents
  • Financial Peace of Mind: Our comprehensive information-gathering and analysis process creates a repayment plan aligned with your financial habits, providing you with confidence in your loan journey.

Why Choose CedisPay

  • Simplified Process: Our approach eliminates unnecessary documentation and complexity
  • Personalized Solutions: Enjoy a payment schedule tailored to your financial behavior and habits.
  • Reliable Data Sources: We partner with your investment/savings company for accurate information
  • Financial Peace of Mind: Your loan journey is designed to align with your needs and preferences.
Experience the difference of a stress-free loan process with CedisPay. Let us handle the details while you focus on what matters most. Reach out to us today to discover how we can help you simplify your financial journey

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