CedisPay's Unwavering Dedication to Information Security


At CedisPay, our unwavering commitment to information security is epitomized through our Information Security Management System (ISMS). The controls implemented in alignment with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards are meticulously designed to uphold:

  • Confidentiality: Safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access or disclosure
  • Integrity: Shielding information from accidental, malicious, or fraudulent alteration or destruction.
  • Availability: Ensuring uninterrupted information services within agreed-upon timelines, while fending off accidental or malicious damage or denial of service
Policy Guidelines

Responsibly Handling Your Information According to ISO 27001:2013 Standards : We pledge to handle your personal information with utmost responsibility:

  • Personal information encompasses data that uniquely identifies you, including your name, physical address, contact details, and Ghana Card number (Identity number).
  • CedisPay's Responsible Approach: We are committed to treating all personal information with meticulous care, ensuring the security of your data and preserving your privacy.
Personal Information's Significance

We Collect and Process Personal Information for Specific Purposes:

  • CedisPay gathers and processes personal information solely for specific, legitimate reasons such as compliance with legal obligations and safeguarding legitimate interests.
  • Purpose-driven Processing: The collected information serves the intended purpose and will not be further processed beyond its original scope.
Usage of Personal Information

CedisPay Collects and Processes Personal Information for Various Reasons:

  • Establishing your identity for verification and provision of products and services.
  • Assessing creditworthiness and financial circumstances.
  • Preventing financial crimes like sanctions screening and anti-money laundering monitoring.
  • Utilizing information for historical, statistical, or research purposes (without identifying individuals).
  • Furnishing tax-related information to tax authorities.
  • Facilitating corporate transactions, such as business sales or asset transfers.
  • Conducting employee and director screening and record-keeping.
  • Conducting due diligence and risk assessment for suppliers.
Processing Special Personal Information

Processing of Special Personal Information Is Constrained:

  • CedisPay will only process special personal information with explicit consent, legal necessity, compliance with international legal obligations, for historical/statistical reasons (not affecting privacy), or if the information is publicly available.
Required Personal Information

Certain Fields of Personal Information Are Mandatory:

  • Fields marked with an asterisk or other symbol on our platforms are essential for receiving services, employment, supplier relations, directorship, or job applications.
  • Accuracy Matters: The mandatory fields must be accurate and complete; failure to provide these may lead to application suspension or termination of our relationship.
Collection of Personal Information

Most Personal Information Is Obtained Directly from You:

  • While most data is collected directly from you, there may be instances where we gather information from other sources, such as public records, credit bureaus, or appointed representatives.
  • Transparency in Collection: You have the right to inquire about the source of your personal information.
Processing of Personal Information

Third-Party Processing, If Needed, Will Uphold Rigorous Standards:

  • CedisPay might occasionally delegate processing functions to third parties, internal or external. Stringent measures are in place to safeguard your information and comply with laws and regulations..

As stewards of your information, CedisPay places paramount importance on securing your data and adhering to the highest standards of information security

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