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Who is CedisPay

CedisPay is a purpose-driven financial institution dedicated to promoting financial fulfillment and well-being. Our mission is to offer affordable and easily accessible financial services, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a robust financial system. Through the use of financial technologies, CedisPay offers low-cost products and services, empowering its customers and granting them control over their financial well-being.

The core of CedisPay's operations is fueled by its unwavering commitment to its core values and purpose. CedisPay’s purpose is to empower its customers and enable them to achieve financial well-being. This purpose serves as the driving force behind everything CedisPay does, as the organization strives to make a positive and meaningful impact on the lives of its customers.

Integrity, teamwork, passion, excellence, simplicity, and innovation are the values that shape CedisPay's identity. These values guide the organization in all aspects of its operations, ensuring transparency, ethical conduct, collaboration, continuous improvement, accessibility, and adaptability.

CedisPay believes that access to financial services and the development of good financial habits are crucial in achieving financial goals and fulfillment. CedisPay is dedicated to providing inclusive access to financial products and services, and it actively promotes financial literacy through educational resources such as budgeting, saving, and investment tips.

CedisPay envisions itself as a network and platform of digitized financial solutions providers, aiming to provide fast and affordable access to financial services for the financially excluded worldwide. CedisPay plans to achieve this vision by establishing trust and relationships with customers through its credit product. Furthermore, CedisPay intends to deepen its relationship with customers by expanding its services to include payment systems, savings, investment options, insurance, a blockchain platform, and a digital idea lab.

To guide its operations, CedisPay has incorporated five interconnected traits:

  • Inclusiveness: CedisPay ensures non-discriminatory lending practices by providing open and objective lending criteria, granting equal access to funds for individuals regardless of their gender, race, age, religion, or socioeconomic status.
  • Customer centricity: CedisPay empowers customers through financial education, offering resources and support to make informed decisions about borrowing and avoid over-indebtedness.
  • Responsible lending: CedisPay carefully assesses borrowers' ability to repay loans, setting appropriate limits based on income, expenses, and loan purpose to prevent over-indebtedness.
  • Growth mindset: CedisPay embraces a growth mindset and continuously seeks innovative ways to improve its services, catering to customers' evolving needs. The institution provides flexible repayment options to address unforeseen financial challenges.
  • Financial transparency: CedisPay is a transparent financial institution, openly sharing loan terms and conditions, including interest rates, fees, and charges. This transparency enables customers to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected costs.
Additionally, CedisPay prioritizes excellent customer support, ensuring customers are well-informed and supported throughout the loan process. The institution maintains a dedicated customer service team, offers online chat support, and provides a comprehensive FAQ section on its website.

What We Do

CedisPay is a lending company that aims to provide financial services to individuals who have been historically underbanked and unserved by traditional banking systems. The company leverages existing payment rails in banking and telecommunications to offer loans, savings, and growth opportunities to its customers. The underwriting model used by CedisPay is based on everyday life data, which the company believes provides valuable insights into a customer's creditworthiness. CedisPay's ultimate objective is to become the worldwide standard for digital lending and mobile payments.

To determine creditworthiness, CedisPay uses a proprietary underwriting model that analyzes a customer's digital footprint and everyday life data. Everyday life data refers to the information collected from a person's daily life activities, which includes their income, bill payment behavior, savings habits, credit history, and financial literacy level, among others. Here's how CedisPay uses everyday life data to design loan products and assess creditworthiness:

  • First, CedisPay seeks to understand the everyday life of each customer and offers them a customized solution. This involves understanding spending habits, bill payment behavior, income sources, financial literacy, life events, savings habits, and credit history.
  • Then, CedisPay scores the customer using bills and loan payment history, savings habits, income sources and other information
  • Next, CedisPay provides a customized loan product that suits the cash flow patterns of its target market and designs loans that take into account alternative forms of collateral, among other factors. The loan details are designed into flexible loan terms, collateral-free loans, financial education, savings components, and automated repayments.
CedisPay primarily targets customers with mobile money and bank accounts who exhibit good credit habits, including consistent and stable income, regular use of mobile money or bank accounts for their daily activities, and smartphone usage with internet access. In addition to income, CedisPay asks customers about their everyday life, such as their consistency in paying bills, decision-making about financial life, savings, insurance, and standing in the community through payment of business permits, association dues, tax payment, and helping others.

How We Do It

CedisPay leverages the power of data analytics and cutting-edge technologies to deliver its financial solutions. Here's a detailed explanation of how we operate:

  1. Data-Driven Approach: CedisPay harnesses the potential of data analytics to make informed credit decisions. We collect and analyze a wide range of data points, including digital footprints and customer information, to accurately assess credit risk. Our proprietary underwriting model uses advanced algorithms and statistical analysis to evaluate the creditworthiness of applicants
  2. Online Loan Application Process: We provide customers with a seamless online loan application process. Through our user-friendly On the platform, borrowers can easily apply for a loan by filling out an application form that captures relevant personal and financial details. Our system is designed to streamline the application process, saving time and effort for our customers
  3. Instant Decision and Funds Disbursement: CedisPay aims to provide a quick and efficient lending experience. Once an applicant submits their loan application, our system processes the information swiftly. Using our proprietary underwriting model, we generate an instant decision, allowing customers to know their loan approval status within minutes. Upon approval, funds are transferred directly to the borrower's designated account, ensuring swift access to the loan amount.
  4. Future State: Machine Learning and AI Integration As part of our future plans, CedisPay is actively exploring the integration of machine learning and AI technologies into our loan scoring and underwriting processes. This advancement will enable us to further enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our credit assessments. By leveraging these technologies, we aim to create a fair, secure, and convenient path for customers to build capital and save for their future financial goals
Through our Data-driven approach, seamless online application process, instant decision capabilities, and future adoption of machine learning and AI, CedisPay strives to provide a modern, customer-centric lending experience We are committed to leveraging technology and innovation to empower individuals with accessible and transparent financial solutions.

Why We Do It

At CedisPay, our mission is rooted in a deep belief that financial health is vital for overall happiness and well-being. We recognize that navigating complex financial systems can be challenging and overwhelming, often hindering individuals from making informed and healthy financial choices. Therefore, we are driven by the following motivations:

  1. Simplicity and Clarity: We understand the need for simplicity in financial matters. Many individuals find financial systems and products confusing, which can lead to poor financial decisions. We aim to simplify the process by providing straightforward and transparent financial solutions. Our goal is to break down complex concepts, jargon, and processes, making it easier for you to understand your finances and make informed choices
  2. Maximizing Financial Health: We are dedicated to helping you maximize your financial health. We believe that everyone should have access to the tools and resources needed to improve their financial well-being. By offering a spectrum of financial services, starting with our simple loan product, we aim to address your immediate financial needs. As we grow, we envision providing additional services such as investment advisory and personal finance guidance to help you achieve long-term financial goals
  3. Worry-Free Financial Future: Our ultimate objective is to empower you to be worry-free about your financial future. We want to eliminate financial stress and provide peace of mind by offering comprehensive financial services that cater to your individual needs. By delivering a range of products and resources, we aim to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to take control of your finances, plan for the future, and achieve financial security
  4. Holistic Financial Services: We aspire to be more than just a lending platform. Our vision is to become a trusted partner in your financial journey. We are committed to expanding our offerings beyond loans to encompass investment advisory services, personalized financial guidance, and a wide array of resources to address various aspects of your financial life. Our aim is to provide holistic financial services that empower you to make informed decisions and build a solid financial foundation
At CedisPay, we are motivated by the desire to simplify financial processes, maximize financial health, ensure a worry-free financial future, and offer comprehensive financial services. By putting your financial well-being at the forefront, we strive to be the trusted partner you can rely on to guide you towards a brighter financial future.

In summary, CedisPay is a financial institution that is committed to providing access to financial services for people who have been excluded from traditional banking systems. We leverage technology to offer affordable and faster financial services, and we prioritize customer satisfaction and responsible lending practices. We believe that financial health is essential to overall well-being and are committed to providing financial education and support to help people achieve financial fulfillment. Join us on the journey to financial health and happiness.

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