CedisPay Value Proposition

CedisPay’s value proposition is built upon its unique combination of people skills, corporate culture, digitization and innovation, customer obsession, and brand positioning. At the heart of our business model is a commitment to providing customers with access to affordable micro-lending products and services that help them achieve their financial goals. Our value to all customers includes:

  1. Cheap: We offer the lowest interest rates in the micro-lending industry.
  2. Fast: We approve and disburse loans at a faster rate than other micro-lending companies, with a turnaround time of no more than 48 hours when all documents are received.
  3. Affordable: We give you loans that you can afford or are capable of paying through your current income activities.
  4. Financial-wellbeing: We help you build the character and habits necessary to achieve your financial goals.
  5. Financial identity: We don't require you to have a credit bureau credit history. Instead, we use alternative data (transaction data of customers) for credit scoring and decision-making. We provide you with a financial identity through our credit scoring model, and through our reporting to credit bureaus, you have access to the entire financial services sector to borrow, save, and grow your money.
  6. Flexibility: We offer a repayment schedule that corresponds to your cash flow cycle.
  7. Bigger loan: We give larger loans than other micro-lending institutions. Plus, the quicker you repay your loan, the quicker you can get access to a larger facility at a lower rate.
  8. Convenience: We offer repayment by mobile money using our mobile money short code.
  9. No collateral required: We don't require collateral for our micro-lending products and services.
  10. Cash referral bonus: After a referred customer has no missed payment for at least 4 months after the loan is disbursed, we offer a cash referral bonus to our clients.
  11. Line of credit for loyal and performing clients: For customers with a relationship with CedisPay and no default, we offer a line of credit (Capital me top up) with no processing fees, and loan approval and disbursement within 24 hours.
  12. Gold members rewards: We offer souvenirs and T-shirts, cash bonuses on your 3rd loan application and subsequent applications, and loan application approval and disbursement within 24 hours.
  13. Respect: We administer customer surveys at each touch point with our customers by text messages, and we respond to feedback.
  14. CEO accessibility: Our CEO's email and phone number are accessible to customers to communicate their concerns.
  15. Free training on business: We offer free training on business to our clients.
  16. New client bonus: New clients that onboard and apply for loans using our digital channel (website) receive a cash bonus and souvenir.

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