CedisPay's Loyalty Rewards Program for Customers

CedisPay's Loyalty Rewards Program for Customers

CedisPay is a leading financial institution in Ghana that values its customers and aims to provide them with excellent services. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we have established a loyalty rewards program that aims to recognize and reward our customers for their continued patronage. Our rewards program has two main categories of customers: regular customers and Gold members.

CedisPay Gold Membership

CedisPay is a purpose-driven digitized financial institution that provides access to financial services for the financially excluded people in the world by offering them affordable/cheap/low-cost products/service at a faster speed using financial technologies and providing them control over their financial wellbeing to realize their financial goals.

  1. Never missed payments: The customer has not defaulted on any previous loan payment
  2. Repeated patronage of services: The customer has taken loans from CedisPay at least twice
  3. Pay back without reminders: The customer pays back loans promptly without reminders
  4. Refers other customers: The customer has referred other customers to CedisPay
  5. 100% digital transactions: The customer uses only digital channels and methods to interact with CedisPay
  6. Evidence to support income: The customer always has mobile money statements, bank statements, or other evidence to support their income
  7. Digital evidence for proof of residence: The customer has digital evidence to support their proof of residence

Benefits of CedisPay Gold Membership

CedisPay Gold members receive the following rewards and benefits:

  1. CedisPay souvenir: Customers receive a CedisPay souvenir on their third loan application and subsequent applications
  2. Fast loan approval and disbursement: Customers' loans are approved and disbursed within 24 hours
  3. Eligibility for Capital Top-Up product: Customers are eligible for the Capital Top-Up product, which allows them to increase their loan amount


At CedisPay, we value our customers and appreciate their loyalty. Our loyalty rewards program aims to recognize and reward our customers for their continued patronage. By becoming a CedisPay Gold member, customers can enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards that enhance their financial experience

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