CedisPay Customer Behaviors

CedisPay Customer Behaviors:

At CedisPay, we value customers who exhibit responsible financial behaviors and habits. These are the behaviors and habits that we expect to see in our customers:

  • Good credit habits: We look for customers who consistently pay their bills on time, maintain a prime credit score, and have a manageable debt-to-income ratio.
  • Good saving habits: We expect our customers to have sufficient long-term and liquid savings. This demonstrates their ability to plan and prepare for the future.
  • Use of mobile money account for business activities habits: Customers who use their mobile money accounts for business activities, and provide mobile money statements as proof of income on loan applications, are highly valued at CedisPay.
  • Recording keeping or referencing business activities on mobile money/bank account habits: We appreciate customers who keep records of their business activities on their mobile money or bank accounts. This shows their commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • Good Insurance habit: We look for customers who plan ahead with appropriate insurance, both for personal and business purposes. This is an important step towards financial security.
  • Loyal customer who continues to take loan from CedisPay (repeat customer): We value customers who trust us and continue to borrow from us. Repeat customers are a testament to our commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Missed no payments on their loans with CedisPay: Customers who make timely loan payments demonstrate their reliability and financial responsibility.
  • Pay without us calling you: We appreciate customers who make payments without needing to be reminded or prompted.
  • Refer other customers: Customers who refer others to CedisPay are highly valued. They are a testament to our reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Customer touch points with CedisPay are by digital/electronic channel or method: We prioritize customer touch points through digital and electronic channels. This ensures a seamless and efficient experience for our customers.

At CedisPay, we believe that these behaviors and habits are crucial in establishing a strong and responsible financial foundation. We encourage all our customers to exhibit these behaviors and habits, and we strive to provide the resources and support necessary to help them achieve their financial goals.

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